Clinical Research

The Florida Neonatal Neurologic Network (FN3)

The Mission for Today

The primary mission of the Florida neonatal neurologic network is to spread current state of the art care for babies
with brain injuries to the outstanding medical centers throughout the state of Florida.

The network represents a long term commitment to help babies with brain injuries. The network is designed to mimic the highly successful Children’s Oncology Group model which has drastically improved the outcome of children with leukemia’s.

The Road Map-Building the Network

Phase 1

The first phase of the Florida Neonatal Neurologic Network will consist of a network of Level III-IV NICUs in north-central Florida including:

 This phase will develop a centralized registry at the University of Florida, initiate hypothermia programs at all participating centers, and construct a biological specimen library. The initial phase will allow us to understand any potential hurdles or roadblocks to forming the network.

Phase 2

After the initial phase is complete, the network will be spread to the entire State of Florida.

Touching the Future

After formation of the network, the group will perform innovative clinical trials to help develop future therapies for babies with brain injuries. The group will use the same design as the Children’s Oncology Group where babies with brain injury will be randomized to receive emerging therapies.