State Meeting Archived Presentations

State Conference 2016


Impact of HIE and Therapeutic Hypothermia on Neonatal Drug Therapy, K. O’Mara PharmD

Imagine in HIE, Dr. Rajderkan

Principles of aEEG, C. Hood RN

pH and Cooling, M. Weiss MD

Systemic Supportive Care Guidelines, M. Weiss MD

Holding during Therapeutic Hypothermia in the NICU, R. Koerner


State Conference 2017


Neonatal Seizures, Dr. Wusthoff

Building a NNICU, Dr. Wusthoff

Human Milk, Dr. Bhatia

Hypothermia in Neonates with HIE, T. Jendzio

Pharmacokinetics, K. O’Mara

Imaging in HIE, Dr. Rajderkan

HIE trends, D. Yasova, MD

Mechanical Ventilation, J. Brown, RRT

Sarnat Scoring, J. Solomon, ARNP-BC


State Conference 2018


How Unsweet it is,  J. R. Kaiser, MD, MA 

Sleep in Neonates, D. Yasova Barbeau, MD 

Imaging of Hypoxic Ischemic Injury in a Neonate, D. Rajderkar, MD

Cerebral Oxymetry in Infants with HIE, D. Yasova Barbeau, MD

Trauma informed neuroprotective care NICU, M. Coughlin  MS, NNP, RNC-E

CritiCool Presentation

State of Florida Hypothermia Protocol 2018, M. Weiss, MD

State of Florida Protocol

pH and Cooling (newborn nursery)

HIE Supportive Care Management Guidelines

The Pharmacology of Hypotension: Vasopressors  for HIE patients, K. O’Mara PharmD

Year to come 2018 and beyond, M. Weiss, MD

Introduction 2018, M. Weiss, MD

Inhailed Gases for Neuroprotection in Neonates with HIE, Y. Tolaymat, MD

Systemic Supportive Care Guidelines 2018, M. Weiss, MD

State of Florida Hypothermia Survey

aEEG and the Olympic Brainz Monitor, C. Hood, RN