2016 Annual State Meeting

Published: August 17th, 2016

Category: News

FullSizeRender (8)Annual State Meeting turned out to be a great success. We had wonderful speakers and participants. The lectures that were presented at the meeting could be found on our website under State Meeting tab. Dr. Weiss along with many other physicians from all over the state of Florida gathered together and discussed topics such as new protocol guidelines, their thoughts and experiences with current practiced and improvements that can be made. Participants prepared very informative talks. Among many, we had great speakers such as Keliana O’Mara, UFHealth Neonatal Pharmacist, who presented a great lecture about impact of HIE on drug therapy in neonates. Also Dr. D. Rajderkar, UFHealth Radiologist, talked about how to recognize HIE injury on radiology scans. Rebecca Koerner, a Registered Nurse from Florida Hospital, presented a new concept on holding HIE patients during cooling process. This is a very interesting and a new topic of conversation that was opened to attendees. Not many hospitals practice holding during active cooling of patients. Protocol development is underway, and we cannot wait to let our parents hold their newborns while undergoing hypothermia. Other speakers such as N. Copenhaver, Registered nurse from UFHealth Shands, presented on bedside care for patients during cooling. G. Zalevska, Registered Respiratory Therapist gave a talk about mechanical ventilation in neonates with HIE.

IMG_2773Everybody did a wonderful job, but the highlight of the State Meeting was our world known speaker, Dr. Seetha Shankaran, a Distinguished Professor of Pediatrics and Director of Neonatal Perinatal Medicine at Wayne State University. Dr. Shankaran has an extensive experience with HIE patients. She was the principle investigator of the first US cooling trial of full term neonate with HIE. For more than 40 years, Dr. Shankaran has been a main investigator in the Neonatal Research Network. She had taught hundreds of medical students how to care for premature and full-term patients. Dr. Shankaran presented a lecture about neurological examination of patients with HIE, assessments, challenges, eligibility, and many other aspects of HIE guidelines. Dr. Shankaran is a truly amazing person who has made cooling idea possible.

IMG_2770We also had a family whose daughter underwent cooling therapy due to birth injury. Her name is Avery, and she is beautiful, happy, and healthy little girl. Her parents gave a truly amazing speech that touched everyone’s heart. They talked about Avery’s long journey at UFHealth Shands, and how thankful they were to have Avery under care of Dr. Weiss and other medical staff at UFHealth Shands.

Thank you to all who participated at the State Meeting. We are looking forward to see you next year! Also we would like to thank our sponsors who make this conference possible. Ben Mennen who provided breakfast for everybody. Abbot nutrition provided lunch and snacks. Carrie Hood with Natus provided CEU for her talk and Mallinckrodt provided an educational grant. We are looking forward to the 2017 State Meeting. Please stay tuned!