Family Stories

In this section you will be able to read feature stories of some of the patients who have been treated at one of the FN3 sites.

Sianna’s Story

Kalipay Acevedo wasn’t due to have her baby for another month, when one sleepy Sunday morning recently she felt her stomach drop. No pain. No contractions. She was just gushing blood. Her husband, Miguel, called the ambulance to their Tampa home.

Woman showing a teddy bear to a baby in the hospital

Emma’s Story

Emma is a beautiful little girl who loves music and has a great smile. Unfortunately, the beginning of her journey was not as smooth as expected. Mrs. Ray, Emma’s mother, had a normal pregnancy without any signs of complication, until the day of the delivery.

Baby Emma in a Florida Gator outfit

Logan’s Story

May of 2014 Logan Roach was born at UFHealth Shands at 35 weeks gestational age, three days after a nonreasuring nonstress test and having close inpatient monitoring. This was the scariest day of his mommy’s life.

Baby Logan playing with toys

Layton’s Story

Ms. Jackson was pregnant with her second boy, baby Layton. She had a normal pregnancy with few ups and downs. After the fifth month Ms. Jackson started to feel different, “It felt like I had no relief from pain”. She was seen by doctors multiple times, but everybody kept telling her that everything was all right.

Baby Layton playing with rubber duck

Benjamin’s Story

When Michael and Donna Dabramo found out they were expecting their first child, they spent the entire day in disbelief.“We were both quite surprised,” Michael Dabramo said. On Oct. 14 2009, the Dabramos checked into Mease Countryside Hospital where Donna Dabramo was induced.Donna Dabramo began pushing without any results, and on the last few pushes the baby’s heart rate dropped drastically.

Baby Benjamin in hospital

Kiley’s Story

Tashia’s pregnancy was healthy and Kiley’s delivery began as a normal one on the morning of February 12, 2011 at Tallahasse Memorial Hospital. Kiley’s heart rate began to drop and Tashia was instructed to flip over, and flip over again, in hopes of stabilizing her baby’s heart rate.

HIE Cooling baby

Lily’s Story

Clint and Laura Albritton were well prepared for the arrival of their first child, a daughter to be named Lily Kate. Lily Kate already had a room awaiting her in the Albritton Tallahassee home.She had monogrammed blankets, toys chosen specifically for her and a sign that hung in her room declaring it “Lily’s Pad.”

Baby Lily in the hospital

Laith’s Story

Up until the day of Mrs. Sorrell’s non-stress test, she was told that everything about her baby boy was perfect. There were no complications and his ultrasounds twice a week were normal, but his heartbeat was very low on that day, and that was the first sign that something was wrong.